Friday, 3 May 2013

How Much Is Enough Money?

I remember when I used to believe that one hundred naira (less than a dollar) was a lot of money. I felt it was more than enough for anybody. My daily allowance in primary school was five naira. Yes, I was in primary school and like every other kid at that time, I now know better. There is a direct link between the bills you have to pay and the amount you perceive as enough money. A Pastor believing God/his congregation for a private jet will consider himself poor if he has 'just' a million dollars. If a Nigerian Senator's dream is to pay the bills of his entire lineage up to the sixth generation, his statutory earnings won't suffice. Irrespective of how fat that monthly paycheck is, once your bills exceed it, it is no longer enough.

You don't know how little you have until you start paying bills; you don't know how much you have until you calculate the total amount of bills you pay monthly or yearly. Surely, the size of the pocket shouldn't determine the size of the dream but at times I think it's best to cut your dreams temporarily according to the size of your pocket. Once you have enough money, you are covered. The rest is extra. Enough money is not a fixed amount, it's a situation-specific figure determined by dynamic exigencies. What is enough at this moment might not suffice for another moment. Every individual has the responsibility to control his/her dreams and bills.

Making money is a continuous chore. We will keep doing that till kingdom comes; hoping that we will always have 'enough money' at  those critical moments. I am not against having loads of cash in excess, in fact I love that. I want to have more than enough money but I keep reminding myself that what I really need is 'enough money'. When you know what you need, you will know how to use what you get.

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