Friday, 14 September 2012

The Ultimate Gift

Giving is often underestimated and wrongly emphasized. The correct estimation of giving can only be realized when we see the big picture. Until then, we will keep emphasizing aspects while leaving out the main substance. 

Human beings are capable of giving money, advice, attention, their resources among-st other things. All of the above-mentioned are mere branches supported by a main stem. If the main stem is not firmly in place, these branches wont be fully effective.

The parameters used in measuring a 'good gift' are usually the size, quantity, quality and perhaps the status/condition of the giver. Many will not appreciate a N10,000 donation from a 'big man' because we all believe with his status, he should do better. In the same vein, when your retired grandma hands you the same amount, you feel awed and really grateful. 

I have discovered that money is not the ultimate gift although this seems to be the popular opinion. Yeah yeah, 'money answereth all things' I know, but I still insist it is not the ultimate gift.

The ultimate gift is you, yes you. Give yourself to God, your family, a worthy cause etc. and you will experience the true satisfaction and inner peace that comes with giving. Even God Himself, gave the ultimate gift after giving us the earth with all it's resources. For God so loved the world that He gave Himself (well, that is my interpretation of "His only begotten Son"). 

Give yourself to your spouse, not just your money, sex and attention. The greatest gift from a rich dad to his son is not money but the 'rich dad'. Giving yourself entails giving the total package; it is demanding yet fulfilling.

Give the ultimate gift, give yourself.