Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Get Real!

Being ‘real’ is misconstrued and over-hyped. Someone goes on rampage on twitter, abusing everything in sight without any form of mental restraint and his/her followers gather to cheer the ‘realness’ of the tweets. It seems the definition of ‘being real’ is making unguarded statements or having no form of mental restraint. These days your realness is measured by your ability to insult others (especially celebrities) and talk about sex with zero restraint. It is not uncommon to see people who say everyone is just a silly faker and they are thirsty for ‘realness’. Many try too hard and they tweet silly things, do stupid things and release shameful pictures and videos.

Realness in my personal dictionary means, being honest, outspoken and having a constant character. A good boy in church is real when he is also good when he is on twitter. A chronic womanizer shouldn’t be seen as the ‘spirit-filled’ head of ushers in church. A gentle worship leader mustn’t be something else at his/her workplace. A responsible husband and father must also be ‘responsible’ when left alone with the neighbour’s daughter. 

A real person is constant, unashamedly. Get real guys. Life is too short, don’t live it on other people’s terms.

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