Friday, 2 November 2012

Don't You Think 'Speaking In Tongues' Is Overrated ?

There are a host of Spiritual Gifts but 'speaking in tongues' seems to be the most popular one. It seems to be a basic requirement for every believer. Christians rarely ask questions like 'Do you prophesy?', 'Do you have the gift of discernment?' or 'Do you have the gift of knowledge?' but are quick to throw the 'Do you speak in tongues?' question at almost every brother/sister that comes their way. One gets the feeling that 'do you speak in tongues?' is the modern Christian's version of the civilized world's 'do you speak English?'. It is that bad. 

Several questions ran through my head after reading Apostle Paul's thoughts on speaking in tongues and spiritual gifts detailed in I Corinthians, Chapter 14. These questions are for those who have read that chapter of the Bible, those who speak in tongues and those who look forward to doing same.

1.) Those things worship leaders say before/during worship songs, are they also 'tongues from heaven'?

2.) Is 'speaking in tongues' premeditated or a divinely inspired utterance?

3.) How come many who speak in tongues sound like a stammerer repeating the same syllables?

4.) Can I learn how to speak in tongues in a formal christian class?

5.) Is speaking in tongues taught by men or received from God?

6.) Is it compulsory for all worship leaders to speak in tongues during every song?

7.) Is it compulsory that all prayer warriors must know how to speak in tongues?

8.) Are our prayers incomplete if we don't speak in tongues?

9.) Is speaking in tongues a pre-requisite for getting to heaven?

10.) Speaking in tongues = heavenly language, human language or both?

11.) Is speaking in tongues a must-have skill for all Christians?

12.) Where do you get your words from when you speak in tongues? (be honest)

13.) Do you understand the words you utter when you speak in tongues?

14.) Is it important you know the interpretation of the 'tongues' you speak or it doesn't matter?

15.) How come Jesus never spoke in tongues?

16.) Don't you just think speaking in tongues is overrated???

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